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$500 Microblade or Powder
$550 Blade & Shade


Microblading is for clients who wish to fully reconstruct, define or fill in their eyebrows. This technique is a form of permanent makeup to enhance your natural features. It is considered permanent because colors are implanted into the dermal layer of the skin; however, it will require touch up over time because it will fade and soften.

  • Full eyebrows in men and women who have little to no eyebrows
  • Enhance definition of the natural eyebrows
  • Fill in gaps
  • Enhance the arch of the eyebrows
  • Correct areas that have been over-tweezed

Blade & Shade

Also known as ombré, shading is a technique done using a special tool that adds depth and definition to the brows for a more natural look.

Brows Gallery

You may want a more bold and dense look for your brows, especially if you have coarse, dark eyebrow hairs. Your artist will make a recommendation for you based on your makeup and what they believe will suit you best, in their expert opinion.

Shading the brow following microblading will add density and more of a defined look. Your artist can be creative in the way they achieve your desired look.

Brow Refreshers




$full price


$325 single
$600 double
3D Nipple Simulation is a method of creating a visual dimension via tattooing. It is the “finishing touch” to the reconstruction.
Breast/Nipple Gallery
Clients desiring deeper color or improved shape may also benefit.
Permanent Enhancements takes pride in being one of a few technicians in the state of Ohio and the country that offers 3D Nipple Simulation. Clients who underwent a single or double mastectomy and choose not to undergo further surgery for a nipple graft, now have an alternative.

Beauty Marks

$75 each

A Beauty Mark is a simple mark that adds sophistication and class to the face. Beauty marks are seen on beautiful women.

Beauty Mark Gallery

Now, thanks to micro-pigmentation, anyone can have the iconic symbol of beauty.

Scar Camouflage

  $75 minimum tray set up fee
$150 per hour

To help conceal and minimize hypo-pigmented (white) scars, due to injury, surgery or sun damage. Many of our referrals come from physicians, surgeons and other health care professionals.

Scar Gallery

Scalp Micro-pigmentation

Scalp Micro-Pigmentation (SMP) is the replication of tiny hair follicles to the scalp to simulate the addition of hair. This can be successful for smaller areas of the head such as camouflaging stark white scar lines, transplant scars, alopecia, receding hairlines, and areas of thinning or even full heads.
We spend time addressing any concerns with the procedure. Some clients want a natural, soft hairline and others want a straighter, edged-up look. All of your desires are discussed with your technician so you can have complete trust in your results.
Scalp Gallery
What makes our results so successful and sets us apart from the others, is our inks and our needles. Our inks are charcoal based which means that there is no chance for your scalp pigmentation turning blue or green. We do a perfect hair follicle match mixing the specific color for each client. We use proprietary needles that replicate the diameter of a natural hair follicle. This ensures that you will have a natural look instead of the thick tattoo needles that leave you with big dots that look like the end of a felt tip pen.


Re-pigmentation following surgery or correction of surgical scarring.

Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) also known as Multitrepannic Collagen actuation (MCA) or Dry Needling is a healthy alternative to softening our fine lines, acne pits, stretch marks and smokers lines. This procedure is a viable choice for those who desire the same cosmetic benefits of renewed skin without the use of injections of fillers. More cost effective than laser procedures. Clients notice a 40-60% improvement after one session. Usually performed in a series of two to three treatments, with results lasting up to twelve months.

Dry Needling

Most scars can be treated with Dry Needling, as long as your body has finished healing naturally. If your scars are still red or pink, then your body is still going through the healing process and I’m not able to treat them during that stage. 

Typically, scars on your body take 6-9 months to heal and those on your face take up to 1 year. Your skin is the largest organ in your body and unique to you, so it’s impossible to give an exact timescale. 

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