You’ll Save Time


How long do you spend on your makeup each morning? Many people answer “too much,” with the majority of answers ranging from 30 minutes to two hours! If you spend just 30 minutes on your makeup each morning, then you’ll spend roughly 183 hours in a year just doing your makeup. No matter what you would rather be doing with that time, we’re willing to bet that you could find a constructive way to use four-and-a-half full-time work weeks. Take back your time by investing in permanent makeup that allows you to just get up and go!

There’s No Need to Reapply

How nice would it be if you didn’t have to reapply your makeup throughout the day? With all of the fun events that you have planned this summer, permanent makeup is a great way to make sure that nothing slows you down. Are you going to a barbecue after you finish a day at the pool? There’s no need to reapply your makeup — you can simply shower off and move on with your day!

You’ll Save Money


Did you know that the average makeup user will spend approximately $15,000 on beauty products over the course of their life? While permanent makeup won’t completely eliminate the need to invest in beauty products, you can significantly reduce your spending when you have your staples permanently applied! Whether it’s lipstick, eyeliner or brow products,  we’re confident that you’ll notice a financial difference!

You’ll Be More Confident

Have you ever worried about your appearance at work, school, or on a date? Almost everyone who wears makeup will find themselves concerned that it looks perfect, and if you’re tired of making trips to the bathroom to check your hair, then permanent makeup is the ideal solution. Almost all of our clients report feeling more confident and comfortable after investing in permanent cosmetics — just look through our gallery to see for yourself!

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