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Permanent Make-Up

The Real Deal

By Ann Price, Owner of Permanent Enhancements

Chances are you have read about, know someone, or you, yourself have had permanent make-up applied.

Permanent make-up, also called PMU or micropigmentation or permanent cosmetics, is the process of implanting a colorant or pigment into the skin to color, define and enhance, eyebrows, eyelash lines, lips and thinning or balding scalps. For those people who lead active lives and do not have the time, or desire, to apply their make-up daily this procedure is a welcome convenience.

Clients who have poor eyesight, shaky hands, and loss of brow hair, eyelashes due to age, illness or mechanical trauma and desire to bring back the fullness and definition of their features, benefit as well.

The benefits of micropigmentation go beyond the cosmetic enhancements of the face and can be used para-medically to camouflage scars due to injury or surgical incision, hair transplant scars, the effects of alopecia, and breast cancer survivors who have undergone a mastectomy.

Now that you have a better understanding of what PMU is and who can benefit from such a procedure, you may be asking yourself: “Is this really as good as it sounds? What are some of the downsides? Can anyone get it done? Does it hurt and how much does this cost? And how do I find a qualified technician? Is there any maintenance?”

PMU can be applied very conservatively as just an enhancement or more pronounced depending on the client’s wishes. Often no one knows the procedure has been done, only that the client looks fresh, well-rested and more youthful.

To be able to wake-up, shower, exercise and sweat and still look your best is a huge gain, not to mention a timesaver. The key to a successful outcome is an in-depth conversation with your technician. Together you will discuss your needs, desires and the benefits and limits to each procedure.

The downtime depends largely on the procedure being done. For most procedures, there is very little downtime. You can expect some redness, possible bruising and or swelling which is usually minimal for the following two-to-four days. The few days of downtime while healing is minimal compared to the lasting effects of a beautiful enhancement.

Not everyone is a good candidate for PMU. Certain medical conditions may exclude you from a procedure but these are to be discussed with your technician and your physician prior to scheduling your appointment.

There can be some discomfort during a procedure – after all, this is a tattoo, but the use of topical anesthetics and guidance from your technician will insure that your comfort level is met. There is no such thing as a permanent make-up license in the State of Ohio. Your technician or artist should possess a certification of completion from a qualified educator, obtain a license from their local or county board of health, blood-borne pathogens certification as well as any local licenses to practice.

It is important to view your artist’s portfolio and be sure the photos are his or her work. Ask about the frequency of their continuing education classes and be sure they are in good standing with organizations such as the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP) or the American Academy of Micropigmentation (AAM). What are the names of the physicians with whom they are affiliated? And a very important piece is communication. You must be able to converse with your artist as you will be working as a team for the most successful results.

Lastly, although this is considered permanent, color will fade from the skin, especially in the case of microblading, and need to be ‘refreshed’ over time. For brows this maintenance can be one to three years, whereas eyeliner, lips, scalp micropigmentation (SMP) or camouflage may last longer.

If you do your homework you will feel confident in your decision making, eliminate surprises and end up thrilled with your results.

Visit the Permanent Enhancements website, call 440-439-1340 or visit 7373 Austin Power Drive, Solon, Ohio 44139.

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