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Permanent Enhancements is your professional resource for cosmetic and para-medical needs.
You may also recognize us by terms such as: Permanent Make-up, Permanent Cosmetics, Cosmetic Tattooing, Medical Tattooing or Micropigmentation.

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Who can benefit from Permanent Enhancements?
Our clients usually come to us for either our Cosmetic or our Medical Enhancement Services.

Cosmetic enhancements add color, definition, correct shape and improve appearance of eyebrows, eyeliner or lash enhancement, and lips.

Women today lead active lifestyles and want the convenience of looking great without the daily ritual of applying make-up. Wouldn’t it be great to wake up knowing you look your best? To be able to throw away those eyebrow pencils, liquid liners and lipsticks knowing you’ll look as fresh at the end of the day as the beginning? To feel confident in your appearance even after swimming, sweating during a spinning class, or playing tennis? To wipe your face on your golf towel secure in the knowledge that you didn’t just loose and eyebrow? The certainty of knowing that your make-up isn’t running down your face adds to a feeling of self-assurance. Your natural beauty just Enhanced! This is what Permanent Enhancements can bring to you.

Medical: Areola/Nipple Enhancement.
Permanent Enhancements takes pride in being one of only a few technicians in the State of Ohio and the Country that offers 3-D Nipple Simulation. Clients who may have undergone a single or double mastectomy and choose not to undergo further surgery for a nipple graft, now have an alternative. It is the method of creating a visual dimension via tattooing. Lending itself to a very Real and Natural looking areola/nipple.
It is the “finishing touch” to the reconstruction.

Areola enhancement need not apply to just those medical cases resulting from a mastectomy. Clients desiring deeper color or improved shape may also benefit.

Many of our referrals come from Medical Professionals and Physicians.

Permanent Enhancements can provide medically appropriate billing codes on the required paperwork to be submitted to your insurance company, for possible re-imbursement. It is suggested that you check with your provider prior to your Enhancement to be sure this service is covered.

Alopecia is the auto-immune disorder resulting in hair loss. This hair loss can take place in the eyebrow and eyelash area as well as on the head or body.

Alopecia clients who have little or no hair such as in the lash-line or eyebrows or even small areas in the scalp or hairline can also enjoy the lasting benefits of cosmetic enhancements.
Eyebrows have a major impact. Without eyebrows much expression is lost. Eyebrows ‘frame’ our most noticed feature, our eyes. Eyebrows add softness and warmth to a face. And if properly applied, they give the added benefit of the look of a brow lift.

Lash Enhancement or Eyeliner can add color and definition even in the case of no eyelashes. This Enhancement brings attention to your eyes and helps to give the illusion of a lash-line.

In the case of small patches of missing scalp hair, due either to Alopecia Areata or a scar, simulated hair follicles can be used to fill in this void, helping to create the illusion of more hair.

Permanent Enhancements can also be used to camouflage scars. If the injured area or scar is lighter in tone than the surrounding skin (hypo-pigmentation), then you may be a candidate for camouflage enhancement. Flesh tones can be used to fill in the missing pigment helping it to blend in with the surrounding skin.
This is a layering process of various skin tone pigments which is usually done over a few office visits.

Whether your goal is a Cosmetic Enhancement or a Medical necessity the procedure is the same. This is the process of implanting colored pigment into the upper-dermal layer of skin. This is a tattoo. It is by this process alone that the “Enhancement” will remain in the skin and cannot be washed off.
Eventually pigment will fade mostly due to light and sun exposure, and a “refresher” will be necessary. (See the FAQ section)


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